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Succeed in 2015 – Top 5 Tips for staying on track with fitness goals

Struggling with motivation? Oncore is here to help! We have found the best advice for staying on track. Check out our Tips below and one-by-one try to make them a habit. In no time you will not even think twice about getting that workout in!

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Buddy up – Working out with a friend not only makes sure you turn up to the gym but likely you will work harder! Plus, if you are doing dry January it is a great way to socialize without the pressure to drink

Plan, plan, plan – Take a few moments at the start of each week to schedule your workouts. Know when and what you will do on each day, the commitment will make it easier to motivate yourself and stop you from making alternative arrangements

Choose a workout you enjoy – Lets face it, motivating yourself gets hard after long work days but if you actually like your workouts then it will make it that little bit easier.

Add Music – A great playlist will boost your energy and be sure to change it up regularly so you don’t get bored. Need inspiration? Check out Oncore playlists on spotify!

Bribe yourself – No treats before workouts! Meeting friends for drinks?  Want a massage or a manicure? Only allow yourself to indulge after a workout. Doesn’t have to be a long workout, anything is better than nothing – even 10 minutes in the gym will help make a difference!

Good luck!


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