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New Offer! Track, Ride and Lose!

See Results Now!

New Week! New Offer! – Track, Ride and Lose!

After a long, hot summer full of over-indulgence get back to health with our new Track, Ride and Lose offer. For £90, you get a two full Body Composition Analyses sessions (BEFORE and AFTER) as well as UNLIMITED rides for 28 days.  This way, you will be able to see the benefits of your hard work and be inspired to keep going. Check out all the great info you will get from your sessions below and sign up now!

– Offer will be available for purchase until 15th October
– Any existing class packages that you have may be put on hold for the duration of the offer and will be available for use after offer expires.
Chart your progress with a before and after session which will give you all your personal measurements, including weight measurements (total weight plus fat, muscle and water weight breakdowns), your BMI (Body Mass Index), visceral fat rating and more.

From each session you will receive a print out and email with your overall tracker so you can see at the beginning and end of the 28days how you are progressing towards your goals.

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