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Time For You: Week 1 Round Up #tfy

So they say it takes up to 2 months of repeatedly doing something before it becomes a habit. We have only had week 1 of “Time For You” so we have a long way to go… However, “Time For You” should be an easier habit to instil as it is something for you… Something that will primarily benefit you,¬†although the world around you should also reap some of the benefits.

The main reason for taking “Time For You” into your life for those 5 mins every day is because you are worth it. You are worth spending time on, you are worth developing and you are worth cherishing. It feels great to be able to show the world how busy and efficient you are, how you are nailing your job, you are happy with your home, you have a great partner, family and friends but is that how you feel all of the time? Most of us live on an emotional rollercoaster and strangely enough we are not the ones driving. So, maybe this week you are feeling on top of your game and in complete control of your life but you know that next week or sometime in the near future that may change and do you have the reserves to power through that dip to get you back on top? Well, if you don’t that’s what “Time For You” is all about…

Take a look back at last week and at any point during your week when you need something that is only about you… click on a “Time For You” and take those 5 mins you deserve for yourself EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

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