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New Classes! Oncore Yoga and Oncore SLT

New Classes!

Oncore Yoga and Oncore SLT
We are so excited to introduce you to our new classes here at Oncore. November has been a very exciting month with the launch of Oncore Hot Yoga and Oncore SLT!

Here is a little snippet of what you can expect from both:

Oncore Hot Yoga is a fast paced and mindful flow to music. This 45-minute class promises to get your heart rate up, strengthen your core muscles and stretch you out till you are feeling completely restored. Fear not- you will get a sweat out of this class.

Oncore SLT is a ‘HIIT’ based workout, set to music, that incorporates your own body weight to keep you moving for 45 minutes in all directions. Expect a vigorous and fun class, that strengthens and tones you.

New Class times for Oncore Hot Yoga and Oncore SLT:

Monday: 7am Oncore SLT (starting 23rd of November)
Wednesday 7am Oncore SLT (starting 16th of November)
Thursday: 7pm Oncore Hot Yoga
Saturday: 11.30am Oncore Hot Yoga

We can’t wait to see you in class- we are running a BREAKFAST promotion for next Friday only. Here are the details: Sign up for two morning classes next week (week commencing the 16th of November), one of them has to be Friday the 20th of November, the other one can be any morning class during the week. On Friday, we will make sure we have breakfast ready and waiting for you after class- so get signing up to avoid disappointment!

Transformation Project

We need YOU!
We are looking for candidates to apply for six months of transformation, starting in January. We will be offering a full six months of classes free, as well as our guided support in nutrition and well-being.

If you are committed to change in your life, please email or speak to one of our instructors for more information.

Competitions and Prizes

Keep your eye on our Social Channels
If you have not done so already, like/share/tweet/regram Oncore London on social media. We will be announcing our Christmas competitions on these platforms so make sure you stay in the loop.

We will also be giving away prizes in class, so make sure you book in as to not only have an amazing and empowering workout, but to win some of our merchandise.

Click here to like and follow our Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and Twitter pages.

Mindful Eating

We are still on for the next two weeks
Our Mindful Eating campaign is going really well- and you still have the chance to join in!

We have partnered up with the Mindful Chef– use the code ONCORE at checkout. The meals are healthy, balanced and so delicious, don’t miss the opportunity to get your free box!

Email with your mobile number to join our whatsapp group.

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