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November Update

New Class Packages

Unlimited Packages
Here at Oncore we want to make sure that you get the best workout for the best value for money. We have therefore launched a new unlimited package this month, that will be valid for the rest of 2015. You can view our new packages HERE. (click on services)

If you have already purchased any other packages, they will be frozen until your unlimited period is over for you to use then.

Oncore 101
Learning form on the bike
Starting from Tuesday the 10th of November, we will be hosting Oncore 101 sessions 20 minutes before Tuesday and Saturday classes. Oncore 101 is a quick 20 minute workshop before Oncore Ride to further explain and demonstrate how to be a pro at Oncore Ride. If you are new to Oncore, a regular, or are referring a friend, this is the best way to learn the Oncore way.

Mindful Eating
Not a diet!
We believe in a holistic approach to our health- that means exercise and food go hand in hand when it comes to living a healthy and balanced life. Let us help you think differently about food and making better choices during the lead up to Christmas. Email info@oncorelondon.com for more details.

Locker Rooms
Please note that from now on all personal belongings need to be locked away in the change rooms. Please make sure to bring a padlock with you.

Love our Music?
Follow our playlists on Spotify HERE. We have the latest tracks and music that inspire and motivate our workouts.

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