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With our ever increasing busy lives it is getting harder and harder to find time every day to do things just for ourselves… Yet it is so important to take time for ourselves if we want to stay in a healthy happy place.  Think of life as an engine, you need to be taking in fuel to be able to motor your life and depending on the quality of the fuel depends on how far you motor and with what power. The obvious types of fuel for our lives is food, exercise, rest and stimulation but along with that you need fuel for your own self-development and peace of mind. Remember, we are no use to anyone burnt out, exhausted and emotionally drained.

The Oncore team are well aware of life being so busy that sometimes taking an exercise class or just taking time to do something for yourself is impossible with everything we have going on. However, we know that maybe you can’t find 45mins to attend class but everyone has 5mins they can squeeze out of their day. Whether that might be 5 mins lying in your bed before you get up or getting up a little earlier to do accomplish something.

With this in mind over the next couple of weeks Oncore are going to help you create time in your day for you. Each day Monday – Friday we will post an activity for you to do which will take around 5 mins (no longer than 10). We  advise doing it first thing but we know that won’t always work. See below the list of activities we will post on certain days. Sometimes it will just require you to pop your earphones on and listen other times it will be a 5min exercise routine for you to do in your PJs  just as you get up or before you go to bed.

Mondays – A Reading (pop on your earphones and listen to various topics discussed which all center around your wellbeing.)

Tuesdays – 5 min of Active Exercise (We will post a 5min high energy exercise sequence for you to complete)

Wednesdays – Food for Thought (we will post a Thought of the Day of something we want you to focus on for 5mins in your mind)

Thursdays – Stretch, Length & Tone (SLT) exercise for 5mins (We will post a 5min exercise sequence centred around strengthening, lengthening and toning.)

Fridays – Guided Meditation/Music Meditation (pop your earphones in and take 5mins out)

We know that even squeezing 5mins out of your day may be tough to start with but you have to ask yourself “Am I worth 5mins of my own day?” if the answer is yes, and it should be, then make that commitment to yourself to find 5mins of your day and see what it feels like after you complete a week of #tfy.

Here is your first Time For You

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