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It is our second week of Time For You and we are hoping you are enjoying our posts as much as we are enjoying doing them.

It is so difficult in our busy lives to carve out time for ourselves and even when we do, it is so hard to make time for a repeat performance… Most activities require us to travel to a location to complete a task or to give up at least 30mins of our time. Time For You only asks for 5 mins of your day , 5 days a week. So it is doable you just need to carve out those 5 mins every day…

We would advise taking 5 mins first thing and setting yourself up for the day but we know that is not always possible and taking 5 mins at lunch or at the end of the day is just as good. What is important is you take that 5mins regardless of when it is…

Take a look back at last week and at any point during your week when you need something that is only about you… click on a “Time For You” and take those 5 mins you deserve for yourself EVERY SINGLE DAY!

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